The Wise one floor - Green

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The Wise one floor - eco conscious design wooden lamps. 

Born from passion for beauty of extremely natural materials. The Wise One lamp is made from wood with the power of the moment when her wood was felled. In this Mammalampa’s uncommon contemporary design lamp meets natural freshness and aesthetic intelligence. The lampshade is entirely handmade; each wooden log has been selected for its individuality, thus preserving the individual character of each tree.

Thin ash wood creates a gamma of colors from sunlight shining through.  Each lampshade is hand made exclusively with natural materials, each one is slightly unique. 

The wooden Wise One lamp will organically blend into a rustic environment as country house lighting as well as providing the essence of nature within city apartments as eco conscious contemporary lighting. 

 Lamps are designed and handmade exclusively by Mammalampa.

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